05 janvier 2014


At school we have handball one times a week,I'm into,but I find that 1 training by a week is not enough.out of school,I go swimming the Wednesday of every week.This is else where difficult to combine training and homework.                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Every weekend I will run with my father to train me for a marathon, hopefully !

As you see,I sporty enough .


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Other things I enjoy



I love cinema,I like watch movies very much and going to the cine. And the last movie I've seen is HOBBIT 2




I'm crazy about music,I love pop,rock,disco etc etc...,I already create a group with my friends but it did not walk,because they lack of motivation .

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My talent is playing guitare,I'm fond of.I play about 2 hours a day And sometimes I sing .Otherwise I like draw very much but I don't Really like paint.


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Other Interests

I don't know still what I want do later,but I think it would be more in Music,drawing or I do not know.

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